River Mill Primary School

River Mill Primary School


Junior Road Safety Officers

Halfway through the school year already - time certainly does fly!

Thankfully that’s not one of the ways the children chose to travel to school in our recent “hands up” survey!

As part of my role supporting and organising assemblies and competitions for the JRSOs, I also keep our travel plan updated.

Recently, we’ve submitted a draft Travel Plan (currently being assessed by a Local Government Advisor) that includes more in-depth details about the surrounding roads, access and active travel initiatives and objectives we have, to improve parking and congestion at River Mill.

As part of this the children and staff took part in a “hands up” survey about their usual and preferred travel to River Mill.

All of this information is available via the Jambusters Website – just find the link on the home page and search for River Mills Travel Plan.


Alternatively, we have uploaded a PDF version of our draft Travel Plan.


It’s been a few weeks since we’ve had a competition and we’ve had lots of visitors this half term!

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 were visited by Ian and David who delivered fantastic road safety lessons to our children. So, with this in mind the JRSOs would like you to complete a poster with the 5 safety rules for crossing the road safely.

Stop, look, listen, think, hold hands.

Year 3 and 4, the JRSOs would like you to complete a comic strip and include the 5 safety rules for crossing the road.

Stop, look, listen, think, hold hands.

You will be given a sheet to complete over the half term. This is not compulsory, but please remember the more you talk to the children about road safety the safer they will be using our roads.

Please return to your class teacher when we return on 19th February.

There will be other competitions for Year 5 to take part in so please be patient!

Stephen and Jeremy have also prepared a PowerPoint about the Green Cross Code to deliver to each class next half term and we will talk to the class teachers to arrange this!

We now have two responsible parking posters in our car park, see if you can spot them! A polite reminder, to be mindful and considerate when parking and think of our children’s safety.

Have a great week and travel safely.

Miss Cole and the JRSOs.




travel plan pdf.pdf