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I Can Do Awards


I can do awards  

River Mill is part of Connect Schools Academy Trust (CSAT).  As a Trust we are looking at ways that we can support our children from an early age develop their self-confidence and independence so that they start to take responsibility for themselves.  Children need the opportunity to participate in a variety of experiences to learn new and varied skills on their own, this nurtures their self-esteem and, we believe, creates a ‘can-do attitude’.   

The CSAT ‘I can do’ award aims to support our children to become responsible, positive young people you are resilient citizens, responsible for themselves and aware of their responsibility to others.  By completing a number of tasks in each school year, children will be able to practice a range of age-appropriate life skills and further develop their level of confidence in their ability to be independent.   

There are six challenge areas:  

  • Exercise and learning new things challenge  
  • Eco Challenge  
  • Safety Challenge  
  • Cooking Challenge  
  • Around the home challenge  
  • Looking after myself challenge   

I can do award  

  • Each year group from Year 1 to Year 6 will have five age appropriate challenges to complete throughout the academic year  
  • Once a challenge is completed, it will be signed off by the head teacher  
  • Once the child has completed the five challenges, they will receive their ‘I can do’ certificate  
  • A child can only complete the challenges for the year group they are currently in  
  • The activities should be supported/supervised by an adult at home, for example: showing the children how to switch on the oven, but the final activity should be completed by the child  
  • If certain activities cannot be completed at home, then the challenges can be undertaken at school.  At certain points in the year there will be a club run by senior leaders enabling children to undertake these challenges.   

The ‘I can do’ award has been introduced to the children.     

  • We are sending home the challenge packs and a scrap book for recording the evidence for the challenges in.   
  • Information about the different year group challenges are also available on the River Mill website – under the parent information tab - ‘I can do’ awards.  
  • The children can do these year groups challenges in any order – they can bring their ‘I can do’ award books in to share when they have completed a year group challenge.   
  • At the end of the summer term the children will need to bring their ‘I can do’ award book into school and they will be given the challenges for the following year.   

  I Can Do Overview

I Can Do Awards Year 1 - I Can Do It Challenges

I Can Do Awards Year 2 - I Can Do It Challenges

I Can Do Awards Year 3 - I Can Do It Challenges

I Can Do Awards Year 4 - I Can Do It Challenge

I Can Do Awards Year 5 - I Can Do It Challenges