River Mill Primary School

River Mill Primary School

River Mill Values


At River Mill we believe that children learn best when there is a strong partnership between home and school.  At River Mill we:

  • Have high expectations of what all pupils can achieve through our broad and engaging curriculum
  • Enable pupils to have a positive mindset, ready to take on new challenges
  • Work hard to help children become confident, motivated individuals that know how to take care of their physical and mental health
  • Provide a range of learning experience that allow pupils to deepen their knowledge and understanding
  • Create a safe learning environment where children develop self-respect and respect for others, resilience and integrity
  • Work alongside our families and other stakeholders to ensure the best for our children


Our school values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning and characterise the culture of our school.


These are the values and rules that all our children think are important to have at River Mill

·         We share our ideas with others – when we are playing and when we are learning

·         We share resources with others – books, pens, toys and games

·         We share our space with others – our desks and the playgrounds

·         We share our time with others – helping our friends, playing games

·         We never give up – WE ARE RESILIENT

·         We always have a go at something – even if it is really hard

·         We work hard and practice getting better at things

·         We are polite – we say ‘please’, ‘thank you’, ‘sorry’, excuse me’

·         We put our hands up when we want to ask a question

·         We do not shout out

·         We use our indoor voices

·         We take care of our own things and the resources in our school

·         We take responsibility for ourselves

·         We say ‘good job’ and ‘well done’ or ‘never mind’

·         We take turns

·         We really listen to other adults and children

·         We help our friends when they are hurt or lonely or need a helping-hand

·         We welcome new people into our class

·         We speak nicely to all adults working with us

·         We have kind hands and feet and use kind words

·         We are kind to ourselves