River Mill Primary School

River Mill Primary School

Safeguarding At River Mill

Who is on the River Mill Safeguarding Leadership Team?


Ms Leader: Designated Safeguarding Leader and Head Teacher
Mr Jordan and Miss Carley: Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leaders and Assistant Head Teachers
Miss Hedges: Designated Safeguarding Leader and Inclusion Manager

Mrs Balogun: Designated Safeguarding Leader and Nursery Manager
Mrs Ponton: Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leader and Family Liaison Officer


Safeguarding both children and staff is paramount at River Mill Primary School.  All school staff undertake annual training that is underpinned by the Keeping Children Safe in Education Document and its statutory requirements.   Safeguarding is at the forefront of all staff member’s thinking, and we continually update staff knowledge through regular briefings and staff training sessions.

All staff undertake annual training on:

Online Safety Training
Health and Safety Training
Emotional Well-Being training
Prevent and FGM
We ensure we have a culture for our children to be empowered and confident to speak up when they are in danger or feel unsafe.

We have a philosophy of always having that ‘professional safeguarding curiosity.’ The Safeguarding Leadership Team meet systematically and regularly to review safeguarding across the school and to determine next step actions.  Children are provided with opportunities to learn to keep safe and to be safeguarded through our curriculum. The school liaises closely with the local authority school liaison officer for attendance, LADO and children’s Social Care services.

You can view our Safeguarding Policy, Anti-bullying policy and E-Safety policy on our policies page here.