Our Building

We are very excited about our new school, which will be a modular building constructed off site and transported to the school site.   We have been to the factory where it is going to be built to see how they go abut the process of designing and building a school.   Take a look at this link which features another school, but which shows you how River Mill will be built.


To see how River Mill will be designed and built, please click here.


If you click on this link, you will be able to see what our school will eventually look like!


Seek planning consent for our building

The builders of our school, The Elliott Group, recently ran a public consultation event to exhibit the proposals for the development of the new Riover Mill Primary School on the site west of Central Road, Dartford.

The consultation event was well attended, and the proposal received positive feedback.   A formal planning application has now been submitted to the local authority


Please click here for a copy of the information that was shared.